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Galaxy Fold 2 Leaked By Samsung's Official Web site; Machine Coming Sooner Than Anticipated – jj

Galaxy Fold 2 Leaked By Samsung's Official Web site; Machine Coming Sooner Than Anticipated


There have been whispers that Samsung is currently working on a folding smartphone with a clamshell design similar to the recently launched Motorola Razr 2019. The device reportedly is codenamed Bloom and has a model number SM-F700F. Rumors have it that the device will launch right after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S11, surprisingly, it has already been spotted on the official website of the Seoul-based tech and electronics giant.

As spotted by Galaxy Club and reported by Sam Mobile, the rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 support pages are already up in one of the official websites of Samsung. We already know that it will have striking similarities with the Motorola Razr 2019, but support pages could give us more details about Samsung’s device with a revolutionary design. The support pages are discovered on the Samsung Africa official website, triggering speculations that the device might probably arrive their first.

Samsung Galaxy Fold It’s obvious Huawei didn’t want to experience what Samsung went through with the Galaxy Fold (held by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh). Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

The support page of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 shows the icons that contain details about the device’s warranty, face to face support, as well as news and alerts and contact numbers for direct assistance in different countries. It appears that the page is still new, given the limited information it contains. Maybe Samsung will upload more details that will give us more details about its revolutionary smartphone.

While we are calling the upcoming device like Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, there is a chance that it will not be officially named this way, according to BGR. The site claims that the model number of the device hints that it might be a part of a different product series. We have little information about the Galaxy Fold 2.

However, rumors have it that the foldable phone codenamed Bloom will feature 256 GB of internal storage and will have a totally revolutionary design. As with the support pages already uploaded on Samsung’s official website, it could just be a mistake made by one of Samsung’s staff. However, if the Seoul-based tech and electronics giant is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 around the same time as the Galaxy S11 in the spring of 2020, it makes sense that the company is already preparing for it this fall.

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