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Anti-theft Parking Bunker Park & ​​Roll Moto or Universal Scooter. The ROLLing version of the most secure, reliable and practical parking lock for your Scooter allows you to park easily and safely. Although it is anchored to the ground, it incorporates a 360º rotating base of high performance and a robust rotating platform with wheels with brake that allows you to easily and safely place the heaviest motorcycles next to the wall and make the most of your parking space or garage.

Bunker Park & ​​Roll is anchored to the ground and has a safety system that prevents disassembly to anyone other than the owner, even when the motorcycle is not. It does not require extra installation costs, the Bunker is designed so that the user can install it, it comes with all the necessary instructions and even a special drill adapted to any drill. If you need to move it in the future, the owner can uninstall it and reinstall it elsewhere.



Closing mechanism for maximum certified security

The Bunker shields the access to the closing mechanism on both sides and above. High strength steel bar, the same as the Artago 18XL, which locks the wheel and is fixed inside the Bunker. Artago 68 high security padlock in Monoblok forged steel, the only certificate and tested in the most demanding homologation tests worldwide. In addition, the mechanized locking terminal shields the lock fork.

Innovative closure system

High-end tilting fixing system with high-performance articulated pedal to ensure that even the heaviest motorcycles are fixed with total stability only through the tire, without the need for the motorcycle to rest or touch on the sides.

Easy out

Exclusive "Easy Out" device to get the motorcycle out safely.

Anchoring system

The Bunker is a high-end anti-theft with 4 anchor points to the ground and exclusive security system that prevents disassembly to anyone other than the owner, even when the motorcycle is not.

More set points to better fit

The Bunker adapts to all types of motorcycles or scooters (naked, racing, custom, trail, tourism, etc …). Choose Moto or Scooter version.

Backed by Artago

Bunker is a long-term investment where the owner makes sure that if one day he changes his motorcycle, he wants to sell or rent the place, he will be able to do so with the support of Artago Secure, a solid and stable company that guarantees future assistance .

Enjoy it with the same key as your street theft

For the Bunker and the anti-theft Artago "bunker selection", the manufacturing service is offered with the same lock combination so you can enjoy your best anti-theft all with the same key. And if you already have an Artago "bunker selection" and you want the Bunker to be manufactured for use with the same key, it is also possible.


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