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  1. Pls for heaven sake,u this ass hole are making us to lose intrest in news,bcoz of ur good reading.Out of 10 words the most is 6 words we hear & understand.That way we lose all intrest.Pls,go for a toution class & stop posting until u can pronounce clearly.

  2. That is so much bullshit… I would love to see that asshole go to prison but that just ain't going to happen and we all know it, First, it would set off a revolution with all the idiots the still worship that fool along with Clinton whom also needs to go to prison. No, it just ain't going to happen. Sorry.

  3. Here is what i want to know. How can obama come into the white house with a net worth of 1 million and leave the white house with money to buy multi million dollar homes and vacation 99% of the time since he left office. One 500k speak to wall street dont pay for all that. Where is the irs on this.

  4. Obama, meanwhile is quiet without a word on the political happening, especially on news swirling about his involvement in the conspiracy theory to destroy a duly elected President. He was also quiet way back in Mar of 2017 when the President on his tweeter accused him of wire tapping his phones at the Trump Tower way back in the 2016 presidential campaign. However, officials in the Obama administration did refute such claim.

    This is the tweet by the President dated 4 Mar 2017 "Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is the McCarthyism! " Even the FBI then under James Comey and the DOJ claimed they had no or possessed any information to support the President wiretapping allegations. However, Congressman Nunes stated on 23 Mar 2017 that the Trump administration's communications might have been legally monitored during the transition period as part of an "incidental collection." Whatever names they called the wiretapping as, especially surveillance without the person's knowledge, is worrying and troubling to any citizens, regardless of it's legality.

  5. It was Obama's and the Clinton's and all their corrupted criminals Democrat buddies that's in office and the corrupted FBI agents make up all the lies and the fake Russia Collusion . They knew if Donald Trump won the election their crimes they have been committing behind closed door for many years and was going to be exposed , and their crimes against the American People and against our country. They wamt to make our country a communist country enforced socialism in this country. TREASON!!!!! THEY SHOULD HANG FOR THEIR CRIMES

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