Prime 5 Greatest Lesbian Motion pictures 2018

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  1. Dead Files psychic Amy Allen said that Lizzie Borden was abused by her father and she was in a relationship with her sister and they both killed the stepmom and father. So the movie Lizzie is very true in my opinion

  2. from all the lesbian movies I watched I regret watching Lez Bomb
    the whole movie is about a misunderstanding with all the family members It really made me mad even thought the end and begin is good (the only parts I enjoyed in the movie) It was bad like the idea of the movie is so bad Idk about u guys but I felt like It was a weste of time

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  4. Aight big disagree on one of those movies the miseducation of Cameron post should not be on a top anything list I watched it and I'm a lesbian who's been out since I was 15. I had decent hopes for this movie but oh boy did it bite the fucking dust. It was bad all the way through. The plot was good and some scenes made me think maybe this will save itself. I didn't cry (which is fine) I didn't feel anything even the sex scenes especially that one random one at the end seemed half assed. So imagine my surprise to see people praising what is in fact an utter shit show of a movie. It was a waste of 2 hours and not in any way redeemable. Sure watch it recommend it whatever but I know that fucking movie is bad

  5. I'm just saying, this thing of be yourself or be in religion is so overplayed. Some alcoholics are there happy in their faith despite knowing it's a sin.
    Some LGBTQ people actually are happy in their faith. Yes it's reality that some are persecuted but my word, sometimes it's just such a cliché

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