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Results of Taaffeite: If you wish to eradicate lethargy from life, put on 'tafite'. Results of Taaffeite: its actually Miracle – jj

Results of Taaffeite: If you wish to eradicate lethargy from life, put on 'tafite'. Results of Taaffeite: its actually Miracle



lekhaka-gajendra sharma


Published: Thursday, November 28, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Many of us often feel that the energy level in our body is decreasing, they feel themselves tired, they feel like sleeping again and again, tired of doing some work. It seems. If this is the case then it means that the source of energy in your body is decreasing. The source of energy in the body is in the seven chakras of the body. These chakras can be activated through Prana Vayu, but when this Prana Vayu is somehow disrupted, the chakras of the body cannot get enough energy and as a result the body gets tired quickly. Various types of gems, stones, jam stones work to give energy to these chakras.

'Tight' increases the energy level of the body

'Tight' increases the energy level of the body

In Vedic astrology, the nine main gems of the nine planets have been mentioned and many of their uparnas have been told. There are many rare gems in these Uparatnas which are very small in quantity on the whole earth. Apart from Vedic astrology, many rare gems are also mentioned in Western astrology. One of these gems is taphite. Western scholars are of the opinion that the energy level in the body can be increased immediately by wearing it. Experts find out how much energy a person needs by physically examining it and according to that the same weight of tafite is worn.

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Scientific count tafe

Scientific count tafe

Tafite was discovered in 1946 by scientist Count Tafe in Dublin Ireland. It is named after him as Tafite. It is a mixed mineral of blue, purple, red color. Later, scientists carried out many research on tafite and found out what effect it has on the human body. When he made men and women of many age groups get this refined form, there were startling results. The person wearing it felt more energetic than before.

Effects of tafite

Effects of tafite

  • By holding it in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, etc., the seven chakras of the body are activated and the body gets enough energy from it.
  • Taphite also has the property of storing energy in some form or the other. Wearing it keeps the body energetic throughout the day.
  • Wearing it does not cause fatigue, laziness, drowsiness in the body.
  • Wearing it gives whole body cells new life. Which protects the body from wrinkles. Old age stays away.
  • Typhite increases the brightness and beauty of the face.
  • It strengthens the genitals in women. Immediately after the birth of the child, if mothers wear it, then positive effects are seen in their body.

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