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The way to Set up WordPress on My Personal Server – jj

The way to Set up WordPress on My Personal Server

Joshua Jones shows you how to go from no website to a live website in under 15 minutes with WordPress. Trying to get your blog setup? Tired of the restrictions …



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  1. Hi Joshua thank you for this insightful video. How do I need to setup the database. My client is hosting his site and i don't have hosting capability. I got a wordpress theme and I like to instal in wordpress and i am stock with the MySQL database portion of this process. Any ideas?

  2. @The1998lukodee check out the faq from 000webhost.

    All you need to do is put in the ftp info they tell you to. If they don't tell you to put in a specific port # then don't worry about that. A host, username and password is all you need.

  3. @The1998lukodee make sure that your ftp settings are correct. Timeouts and not available errors indicate this information is wrong. Generally the host is just the domain name. It can be different for some hosts. Who are you hosting with?

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