Weight Lifting Workout routines : Weight Lifting Workout routines: Dumbbell Pullovers

The dumbbell pullover weight lifting exercise works the chest muscles. Perform dumbbell pullover exercises with tips from a personal trainer in this free weight lifting video.

Expert: Brad Aubry
Bio: Brad Aubry is CEO of VersaFit, as well as a national natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and a nutrition and fitness therapy specialist through International Sports Science Association.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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  5. Man, top rated comment total bullshit… this is a CHEST exercise, what does it have to do with back? Completely nothing, hands should be not bent at all, the more bent the easier it gets… Too heavy weight makes your neck hurt, at least thats what i feel. 🙂

  6. @johny12345678900 I agree bro. People need to do research on certain exercise routines b4 relaying info to other people because little do they know that they're relaying the wrong info and in the process, misinforming people.

  7. It's mostly for the shoulders, in order to widen them. It's really effective. But the man @ the vid does it a lil wrong(or I make a different type of this excercise). When the dumbbell goes down – you should lower your butt, so that the chest and the back stretches real good. And you raise it only when the dumbbell is back at the top.
    But, just as christosswc said, this exercise requires real good warmup, and you don't need to rush weights.

  8. Tis exercise works back(especially lats), chest, serratus, upper abdominals, triceps and grip.
    Need to start with a low weight for a good warm up because the shoulder joint can be very easily injured.
    But you'll still need to work your way up to lots of weight, it doesn't feel you can go much heavier but if you try it you'll see you can.
    And your ribcage will not expand unless you're very young.
    That was one of Arnold's misconceptions, they didn't know everything, especially back then.

  9. Maybe if you were to pull it down yes. But you're pulling it up and over. It stretches your chest muscles vertically. The only thing i find is, some people say to pull it right over your body. But at that point there isnt anymore tension in your chest if your arms are straight. I find it's best to then slightly bend your arms, keeping some tensions on your chest and triceps.

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