Senator Hawley on the newest antritrust investigation of Google by state attorneys common

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  3. Sen hawley you also need to modify the communications decency act section 230 that needs to happen very soon businesses are having their reputation trashed on review sites and nobody’s doing anything about it. Review sites are hosting trash about corporate America and they get away with it and nobody’s doing anything to make changes I personally know a lot of people that have been trashed on the Internet and nobody absolutely nobody is trying to modify the communications decency act section 230 which is a law that was passed back in 1996 during the time they pass that law they had no idea what review sites would be doing to corporate America these days but senator Hawley had talked about it nobody’s got anything done and it’s time for change literally hundreds of thousands of businesses are being trashed on review sites and they’re sick and tired of it

  4. My advice to the state AGs: Be tough, and be ready.

    As attorney general of Missouri, I was the first attorney general in the nation to launch an antitrust investigation of google. And I can tell you, they will lawyer up. They will say that they're going to cooperate, but they won't.

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