True Romance: Finest Film Scene of All Time: Eggplant vs the Cantaloupe

A Favorite clip of mine from one of Quentin Tarantino’s first flicks ‘True Romance’. A must watch if you haven’t already seen in full.



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  1. The old man knew he was already dead and after spotting how proud the gangster was of his Italian ancestry, he decided to, at least, hit him with something that would upset him badly. Italians are among the most racist people in Europe.

  2. You know a movie is solid when you sit frozen and can't talk, to the other extreme when you scream out to the screen. This is a scene you sit, memorize the words, the beat, the breath.
    The anticipation of Tarantino is his calling.

  3. stoner performances is all Brad Pitt can do
    But i agree it's nice to see Walken and Hopper portraying 2 great i don't give a fuck assholes:)

    Scenes like these are rare, why haven't we ever seen something like this between Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson.

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