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Goodbye Once more (1961) – "Love is only a phrase" – jj

Goodbye Once more (1961) – "Love is only a phrase"

Scene with Anthony Perkins and Diahann Carroll from Goodbye Again (1961) by Anatole Litvak.



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  1. ….
    Say no more it’s goodbye
    As before it’s goodbye
    I can tell, save the lie
    It’s farewell and goodbye again my love
    So why deny you will leave me
    You have in the past
    If it isn’t the first time
    It won’t be the last

  2. The drummer doesn't look anything like Philly Joe Jones.   The drummer is the Father of Modern Jazz Drumming, Pittsburgh's Kenny Clarke, who had moved to France in the mid-1950's.   The tenor saxophonist is the great Eli "Lucky" Thompson, from Detroit, who was also living in Paris at the time.   The pianist and bassist are not known, but may be Henri Renaud and Pierre Michelot,two of the top modern jazz musicians playing in France at the time.

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