Hannah Chloe's story: in her personal phrases

Durianrider is a rapist! This is an edited version of Hannah Chloe’s story taken from the channel “Norvegan”, from the video “THE UNMASKING, Part 5 The …



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  1. When she told he stood back him with an erection she looks up and to the right. That is the first sign of lying.
    When a human tells the truth and tries to remember what really happened they look up and to the left.
    There are so many signs of her lying. I don't believe her.
    And also why did she write to him and contact him and seems to be happy in the emails? Norvegan never showed this in his videos.

  2. she doesnt sound very sure of what happened, in comparisson durian rider quickly recants his version of events without delay, she is memorising the script her and NV have put together, thats why he has to finish her story. So many male celebs these days are being accused of rape its not funny

  3. I called out the deranged pig on his pedophilia and misogyny years before all this and everybody called me crazy. I even added a pedo update to my online petition to get the ugly fucker booted off YouTube and he reported it and got it taken down. I hope he's enjoying his karma.

  4. I don't believe her one bit, she is lying… so he ripped her clothes of her, then he grabbed her by the throat and raped her, as he was ripping her clothes of she chose not to fight or scream once, when he grabbed her throat she didn't fight back kick and scream, its all bullshit

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