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New Chevrolet Aveo 2011 – jj

New Chevrolet Aveo 2011

A new generation arrives with 4 and 5 door bodies

Chevrolet is the brand that sells more units of the General Motors (GM) group worldwide and this year they reach their first 100 years, although in its current European stage it is very young, since it is only 6 years old. GM acquired the Korean brand Daewoo and used it as a platform to enter Europe with models adapted to European tastes. In these 6 years it has managed to double its sales, going from 250,000 to 500,000 units.

In this year of its centenary Chevrolet is going to launch 7 new models and will go from competing in 25% of the market in 2010 to doing so in 75% in 2012. This new generation of the Aveo model only keeps the name, since it is a new product In fact, at least in a first stage they will keep the predecessor for sale. It is proposed as a global car, which will be sold worldwide, and opens the new platform for models of segment B, the multipurpose utility, developed by GM.

The 2011 Aveo is a vehicle with a renewed design both outside and in the driving position and passenger compartment. It has a newly developed chassis and body structure and modern engines with low levels of consumption and emissions. It will be offered in two bodies: the 5-door and the 4-door sedan. The sedan enjoys a trunk of 502 liters capacity. There is no one with 3 doors.

The 5 doors have a length of 4.04 meters, while the sedan measures 4.40 meters. The width in both is 1.74 m and the height of 1.52 meters. In the 5 doors the boot capacity is 290 liters, which can be expanded to 653 liters by folding the rear seats.

Engineers have worked to provide a more dynamic and enjoyable driving experience, with a chassis that is among the most rigid in its category, but without sacrificing practical solutions. The steels used have a high tensile strength, which also improves passenger safety.

In the exterior design stand out a front with character and a point of aggressiveness, and fluid lines. The headlights are inspired by motorcycles and are housed in double tubes, with shiny black bezels and chrome rings. The aggressive and daring aspect of the 5 doors is reinforced by the accentuated wheel arches and the rear handles are camouflaged in the upper section of the same, creating an appearance similar to that of a coupe.

The price range in the 5 doors ranges between 11,500 euros of 1.2 LS and 14,250 euros of 1.6 LTZ. The sedan has a price premium of 600 euros and the automatic change costs € 1,000.
PRICES 5 Doors:
1.2 LS: € 11,500
1.2 LT: € 12,400
1.4 LT +: € 13,050
1.4 LTZ: € 13,850
1.6 LTZ: € 14,250


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