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Published: Thursday, December 5, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Color … Without whom life is incomplete .. But have you ever thought that you can judge someone on the basis of colors. Yes, according to the colors you can easily assess the entire personality of a man, so if you want to befriend someone or want to interact with someone, then you first ask him who is your favorite color. It is .. Just one answer will make all your problems easy.

Because today we are telling you the nature of people according to color ..

Know the nature of people through colors

Know the nature of people through colors

  • Red: You are very aggressive, these people who love love expect loyalty from their partner and prefer to live comfortably. You are also angry and romantic.
  • Black: You get angry very soon. You rarely like change. You are a deaminant and make a lot of progress. You are sex-loving, romantic but do not easily share your fillings. These people are also very sexy.
  • Purple: Women who like purple or purple color are fashionistas, by nature these women are clear in their heart whereas if these colors are liked by boys then they are completely opposite nature. Brown: Such people are of a slightly boring type, though good at heart but are always judged wrong on behalf of the people.
  • Sky: Women or girls who like Akashi Colors are very disciplined and want to live life long. Such women are trustworthy and boys who like this color are also simple and good.
  • Blue: You are self-respecting, optimistic and happy, you do not like to seek help from anyone. You give your lover all the time and you are rich but you are also selfish. You mean by your work, you also have a lot of money but you do not want to spend.

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Green is the standard of peace, pink is a symbol of love

Green is the standard of peace, pink is a symbol of love

  • Green: People who like green color are very peace loving people. They stay away from fighting. Spread happiness around life and laugh. Some are creative and fashionable and sometimes lazy. Such people do not mean more than anyone and do not interfere in anyone's work. Altogether, there are people who are cool in themselves.
  • Yellow: You are always a happy person. Always give correct guidance to others. They are always ready to help everyone. Their purpose is to share happiness, but sometimes their help becomes the reason for their criticism. Yellow color is considered auspicious, often people who like this color are quite religious.
  • rose: Generally it is the favorite color of girls, it means that it is a symbol of romance, love and emotions. Those who love such colors are very dear to the heart and never intentionally hurt anyone, but their soft and simple feelings often push them into trouble. There are also money lovers who like this color and spend money openly.
Colors tell the secrets of your heart

Colors tell the secrets of your heart

  • White: Easily get adjusted anywhere and help people, they like to be alone. These people who like simplicity are quite successful in life. They do not like to fight with people, and such people often become the head of the household or the leader. There is a different attraction in his personality.
  • Orange : This color only means power and happiness. People who like this color are quite confident. They know the right to be right and wrong as wrong. Such people do struggle, but only after getting to their destination, they die.

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