Amul and Mom Dairy elevated milk costs | Amul and Mom Dairy improve milk costs, new charges might be relevant from sunday


new Delhi: Dairy products seller Amul And Mother Dairy On Saturday, it has decided to increase milk prices in other cities of the country including Delhi-NCR. The increased prices will be applicable from Sunday. Amul has decided to increase milk prices by Rs 2 per liter, while Mother Dairy has increased prices by Rs 3.

Amul said that milk will be sold at increased rates from December 15 (Sunday) in Gujarat, Delhi NCR, West Bengal, Mumbai and Maharashtra markets of Ahmedabad and Saurashtra. After the new rates, the price of Amul Gold in Ahmedabad has gone up to Rs 28 per 500 ml and the price of Amul Taza has gone up to Rs 22 per 500. However, there was no change in the price of Amul Shakti, which was Rs 25 per 500 ml. is available.

Earlier on 21 May this year, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation had raised the prices of milk in the national capital Delhi, Maharashtra and other states.

Milk prices rise by 3 rupees
On the other hand, Mother Dairy has increased the prices of milk by 3 rupees. Mother Dairy's Bulk Milded Milk (Token Milk), sold at Rs 40 per liter, has now increased to Rs 42 per liter. Full cream milk was earlier available at a price of Rs 53 per liter, now it has risen by Rs 3 to Rs 55 per liter.

Apart from this, toned milk of Mother Dairy sold for Rs 42 a liter will now be sold at a new rate of Rs 45 per liter. Along with this, instead of full cream premium milk 53, you will get Rs 55 per liter. Earlier, Mother Dairy had increased milk prices by Rs 2 per liter in May 2019.

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