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Fuel pump singing duo Leno stunt was not staged – jj

Fuel pump singing duo Leno stunt was not staged

Monifa and Will Sims became Internet sensations after “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” showed them singing impromptu karaoke at a gas station, but critics …



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  2. They looked pretty genuine to me when I saw this segment on Jay's show!   Matt Lauer carried this waaaay too far!   So what they were on "Pump[gas news" 2 years earlier.   Their explanation sounded genuine! 

  3. I think this is a fake video even ppl have different views how does Jay knows the guys name as 'Will' within few seconds of talking. Will never says his name. Its entertaining but truely a FAKE video.

  4. wow this interview almost just ruined the original video for me! LET THEM BE! They're happy, adorable and funny. The video was made for entertainment and it entertains! WHO CARES IF ITS FAKE? why does there have to be such a conspiracy over a cute little viral video? Jeez!

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