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Isro to launch border surveillance RISAT-2BR1 satelight – jj

Isro to launch border surveillance RISAT-2BR1 satelight


new Delhi: Indian Space Agency ISRO (ISRO) has launched RISAT-2BR1 satellite from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh (Andra Pradesh). It will act like a second intelligence eye for India. It was launched with a PSLV C-48 rocket at 3.25 pm this afternoon. Let us tell you that this time ISRO has simultaneously sent 10 satellites to the sky through PSLV. Which includes the country's second intelligence eye called Radar Imaging Earth Observation Satellite RISAT-2 BR1.

According to ISRO, this satellite will be installed in an orbit with a height of 576 km in space at 37 degrees inclination. With this satellite being installed in space, attempts to infiltrate the country's borders will be almost impossible.

What is RISAT-2BR1 The specialty of
Due to the special sensor installed in RISAT-2BR1, the mobilization of cross-border terrorists will also be reported earlier. RISAT-2B, launched on 22 May, is already working as an eye for intelligence of the country. Apart from this, 9 other satellites that go with PSLV are foreign, including 6 in the US, 1 in Israel, 1 in Italy and 1 in Japan.

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