plastic daal in bangla sahib gurudwara delhi | 'Plastic pulses' cooked in Bangla Sahib gurudwara, thrown earlier than serving


new Delhi: Plastic lentils were cooked on Tuesday in Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in the national capital. However, before the pulses were served in the langar, it was detected and about 30 kg of pulses were thrown in time.

Gurudwara Management Committee said, "" Dal was made for two days, but the pulse was freezing and the smell of plastic was coming out of it. On seeing this, the lentils were thrown on the first day. After this, the same happened on the second day, then the stock of pulses was tested, in which plastic purple grains were found.

Will take grains in sealed packets only
After this, all the gurdwaras have been instructed by the Gurdwara administration to check the ration that is coming, before making it properly. Also, people who are coming to donate ration should be appealed to bring food grains in sealed packets only.

50 to 60 thousand people anchor
Every day around 50 to 60 thousand people anchor in Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. People usually donate lentils, rice, flour, vegetables or ration used in langar. For this, a ration store has been built in the Gurdwara campus itself. The one who has to donate ration goes here. However, if the donor wishes, it can also be made a slip.

People bring ration and keep it
There are different ration drums in the store, where people bring ration and keep it. From this place, the Gurudwara administration received a plastic polymer packet, which has been sent to the government lab for examination.

Internal investigation in progress
The plastic mixer in the pulses is not yet known. However, internal investigation is also being done on this. Let me tell you that there is no CCTV camera installed at the place where ration is donated.

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