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The New Apple Retailer At The Eaton Centre Is 10x Larger Than A Condominium In The Metropolis (PHOTOS) – jj

The New Apple Retailer At The Eaton Centre Is 10x Larger Than A Condominium In The Metropolis (PHOTOS)


Anyone looking to get some great tech gifts for their loved ones is in luck. The Eaton Centre Apple Store has opened a new location, just in time for Christmas. The new first-floor store is twice as big as the old location on the second level. Not only that, but the new store is ten times bigger than a median-sized condo in the city.

The store, which opened today at 9 AM, covers 10,000 square feet. That means a lot more retail space than the previous 4,977 square foot location. 

What makes the size of this Apple store all the more surprising is just how much bigger it is than the average piece of Toronto real estate.

According to an August 2019 report from Royal LePage, the median size of a condo in Toronto was 752 square feet. Even the median size of a detached home in the city was far smaller than the new Apple Store at 1,512 square feet.

The store has plenty of new features, including cube seating and a giant video wall, which are now the standard for all Apple Stores. Plenty of space also means that more customers can browse all of the newest Apple products.


The new store also has plenty to offer its customers beyond iPods and Macbooks.

There are coding labs for kids, iPhone photography tutorials, and art skills classes for everyone.


The Eaton Centre’s original Apple Store was actually the second one to open in Canada.

While other stores began expanding, the original location remained the same, until it was one of the smallest Apple Stores in Canada.


Another Apple Store is also reportedly being built at Bloore and Yonge, as part of The One, a new tower project that is estimated to be completed in 2022.

This one is rumoured to be 9000 square feet and have three floors.

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