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Jamia LIVE: Fireplace of protest in opposition to citizenship modification legislation in Delhi – jj

Jamia LIVE: Fireplace of protest in opposition to citizenship modification legislation in Delhi


Citizenship amendment Law Of Protests against Come ofC Delhi has also reached.

Who knows by now:

  • DTC buses caught fire in the area adjacent to Jamia Nagar on Mathura Road
  • According to eyewitnesses, people were protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act
  • Police and crowd clash during protest
  • Many buses, cars and two-wheelers were burnt
  • Chief proctor of Jamia University said – Police entered Zabaran campus
  • Jamia students also condemned the violence


full report-

On Sunday evening, protesters set fire to several buses on the road from Delhi to Mathura.

The fire brigade vehicles that came to extinguish the fire in the buses also attacked and broke the protesters.

Protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act

The confrontation between the protesters and the police took place in Okhla, Jamia and Kalindi Kunj areas of Delhi.

According to news agency ANI, protesters, including students of Jamia Millia Islamia, demonstrated against the Citizenship Amendment Act on Kalindi Kunj Road.

It is being claimed in media reports that Jamia's students were involved in the violence.

Talking to the news agency PTI on these reports, the top officials of Jamia University have claimed that the violence happened during the demonstration by the local people in this area and not during the demonstration of the students of the university.

University administration has told that after the incidents of violence, Delhi Police has entered inside the Jamia Campus and has blocked all the doors of the University.

The Jamia Teacher's Association has appealed to the students not to be involved in the directionless protests by the local leaders in the area.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to the protesters to protest peacefully.

They have said that violence of any kind cannot be accepted.

Citizenship amendment law

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Eyewitnesses of an eyewitness

It happened that Jamia's students took out a protest march against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

As soon as the caravan of the students passed near the Community Center of the New Friends Colony, the police had set up barricades to stop them.

Protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act

Some students had sat there, in addition to Jamia, other students were also included in these students.

Seeing the blockade of the police, a group of students started moving towards the ashram from other avenues.

This path used to go towards Jantar Mantar. However, it cannot be said with certainty that this group of students was going towards Jantar Mantar or somewhere else.

Students blocked the road near the ashram. This road was Delhi-Faridabad road.


The police charged lathis there to clear the road. Both boys and girls were among these students. Police beat up these students there.

During this, the police also threw stones at the protesters on the other side.

Protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act

Citizenship amendment law

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Then the police lathi-charged there and released tear gas shells. Still the police are leaving tear gas shells there.

Earlier also, Jamia students tried to take out the march on December 13, but the police stopped them by putting up barricades.

Protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act

For the last two-three days, the police had kept a barricade near the community center of the New Friends Colony.

Citizenship amendment law

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Meanwhile, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has closed the entry and exit at Sukhdev Vihar metro station.

Metro has also closed gate number three at Ashram Metro station.

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