Rory McIlroy Sluggish Movement Golf Swing (Iron) FO 2011 – Dfisio Fisioterapia & Pilates

Great Swing of World Number 1 Rory McIlroy in Slow Motion, Dubai World Championship 2011

Alvaro Zerolo Vega de Seoane
Physiotherapist European Tour

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  1. Yeah his swing is a prime example of using your hips and especially shows how you should follow through. I slice a bit and it is because of lack of hip movement through the swing and lack of follow through. A good drill for this also is a simple baseball swing and use as much extension through your hips going both ways, good for all the muscles around your stomach and upper back as well.

  2. awesome ive been having trouble with using my hips in my golf swing i watched this and replicated it over and over in my back yard with no ball and when i went to the range i was getting an easy extra 40-50yrds on my drives going from 205-210 to 250 my farthest drive so far was a lil under 300 but that was with wind and down hill a bit but ill take it.

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