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Sunlife Insurance Company Limited (SLICL), a third generation life insurance company in Bangladesh, was incorporated on March 1, 2000 under the Companies Act, 1994 as a Public Limited Company to carry out life insurance business in Bangladesh. It obtained certificate for commencement of business on the same day. Providing life insurance and generating employment opportunity for people was the dream of the founder Chairman, Late Mr. Col. A. Maleque (PSC), a Minister of the then cabinet of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and former Mayor of the Dhaka City Corporation.

SLICL started its business with a paid up capital of Tk. 30 million against an authorized capital of Tk. 200 Million. SLICL is sponsored by a group of renowned business personalities of the country involved with various businesses such as Aluminium extrusion, Food and Beverages, Electrical products, Brokerage house, Oil refinery, Banks, Real estate’s etc.

The company went into IPO (Initial Public Offer) on 1st October, 2012 . BDT 7700 million was deposited as subscription by the respected Investors and Shareholders against the share money of Taka 120 million only, i.e., 65 times over subscription. This huge over subscription was due to unbounded belief of the investors in our company. Sunlife is now running with a paid up capital of Tk. 350 million and authorized capital of Tk. 500 million divided into 50 million shares @ Tk. 10 each. In 2018 closing the company had life fund of BDT 3036 million. The company owns a number of land and building properties in different important cities of the country. Currently 20 storied Sunlife tower is being constructed at Mohakhali, one of the prestigious commercial areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

SLICL offers both conventional life policies and Islamic Life policies covering wide range of popular and attractive products. Considering the large number of lower income people in Bangladesh, the company started marketing of micro insurance (monthly premium paying) life policies for peasants, small shopkeepers, fishermen, weavers, ironsmiths, carpenters, bricklayers, boatmen, rickshaw puller, and so on.

There are three main micro insurance projects in operation in SLICL; they are Ganamukhi Bima, Lokomukhi Bima, Islami A’saan Bima. All of these projects are contributing significant premium income and life fund to the company. There are three more projects like Ekok, Islami Ekok (Takaful) and Islami Adarsha which are dealing with traditional and individual products. These projects are focusing on the urban high end market. SLICL has a group project focusing group business of universities, NGOs, MNOs, etc organizations.

To provide quality service to our customers is our main objective. The company tries to ensure prompt services in issuing policy documents, pay death and maturity claims to our valued customers.

The company has about 80 decentralized service centers all over the country at major district levels. Under these centers there are about 700 districts and agency offices operating all over the country.
These offices are run by 1100 salaried office staffs and 12000 commission agents.

Sunlife Policyholders number in 2018 closing was 365,577. Our policyholders remain updated online about their policy information.

SLICL ensures professional training on a regular basis to its employees for better performance and proper service to our customers.

Sunlife Insurance company family has the confidence to obtain a remarkable position in Insurance business at home and abroad.



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