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27 members of Peace Group 'kidnapped by Taliban' – jj

27 members of Peace Group 'kidnapped by Taliban'


Peace march

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Twenty-seven members of a Peace Group set out on a trip to western Afghanistan have been abducted by the Taliban.

According to local officials and activists, the kidnapping of these people happened while they were traveling to western Afghanistan as part of a peace march.

The People's Peace Movement began its journey from Herat province about two weeks ago, demanding peace and a ceasefire. But since his entry into Farah province, no address of his is found.

There has been no comment from the Taliban on this yet.

While the Taliban is advancing peace talks with the US, on the other hand, news of attacks on Afghan and international military forces keeps coming in between.

Farah province deputy governor Masood Bakhtawar said that these workers traveling in six cars were stopped by the Taliban on a main road after which they have been taken to an undisclosed place.

This movement started its journey from Helmand province in the year 2018. The Shanti Yatra began after 17 people died and more than 50 people were injured in a car bomb blast at a stadium in South Province.

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BBC's special investigation on deaths in Afghanistan conflict

From that time till now this group has been traveling in different parts of the country. The group has also traveled to some areas that are under Taliban occupation.

Earlier, the Taliban had alleged that the Afghan government was giving financial assistance to this peace movement. However, the movement has been denying this.

More than three thousand international military personnel and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and security personnel have been killed in the ongoing war in Afghanistan since 2001.

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