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किसी भी तरीके के दुकान ,किराना स्टोर आदि का बीमा कैसे कराये ? Insure store By Lal bahadur – jj

किसी भी तरीके के दुकान ,किराना स्टोर आदि का बीमा कैसे कराये ? Insure store By Lal bahadur

किसी भी तरीके के दुकान ,किराना स्टोर आदि का बीमा कैसे कराये ?How to Insure shop By Lal bahadur tiwari

Advocate Lal Bahadur Tiwari ( Former Judicial Member Consumer Protection Forum ) Pratapgarh (UP) MO.(9452024750)

1. Why does anyone need a shopkeeper insurance policy?
Shopkeeping is an economic activity which aims to earn maximum profit keeping in view the government rules and regulations and social values. Of course, for anyone to remain focused on this primary activity, it is very important that the person is free from accidents, which have no connection with the business but which can harm the business.

Now you can buy policies online and get them renewed too. By registering yourself on the portal and paying through your debit / credit card or net banking, you can renew the policies purchased from the existing Oriental Shopkeeper Insurance Policy or any other general insurance company. You can login on the portal to check the various facilities available online.
2. What does the Shopkeeper Insurance Policy cover?
Shopkeepers insurance policy provides insurance to all potential risks and disasters to small and medium-sized shopkeepers. It protects the interests and property of the insured in the business sector.

General features of the policy:
A shopkeeper insurance policy can be made for any shop of concrete construction whose value of building and goods is up to 2 crores.
In section 1, 15% of the sum assured should be waived for the purpose of lower insurance.
At least 4 sections have to be done out of which 1B and 2 are mandatory. Business Interruption (Section-13) can also be selected in one of the optional sections.
Shops selling sweets and food grains can also be insured provided that construction work is not done in the premises of the shop.
Restaurant / Cafe cannot be insured.
Drycleaner shops can be protected provided there is no work in the shop premises.
Jewelry stores cannot be insured.
Tailor shops, watch repair shops can be insured provided no work is done there. However, relevant repairs are allowed.
Shopkeeper insurance policy cannot be issued in showrooms and display centers where no sales are made.
Electrical and electronic goods such as 1 CCTV, personal computer and other associated equipment installed in the insured shop can also be insured against fire, housebreaking, electrical or mechanical disturbances.
A discount of 15% is offered for taking more than four sections. A rebate of 20% is given for taking more than six sections.
Long term policy for four years is also exempt.
Various clauses are applicable to various sections of the policy.
Terrorism risk can also be covered by the option of the insured and only on the acceptance of the company.
To avail business interruption insurance, the proposer should have sales tax and if he is a tax payer, his Permanent Account Number (PAN no) is required.
Replacement of sum insured as a result of loss is available in all other sections except for visible accident, fidelity guarantee, public liability and workers’ compensation.
How does one choose the sum insured?
The sum insured for the building should cover the full cost of rebuilding the property, including the architect’s fees and the cost of cleaning the debris and the costs of new building regulations and laws.

The sum assured should be the replacement price for the goods.

Selection of insurance amount in other other sections like- Money Insurance (Section-3) Fidelity Guarantee (Section-9), Personal Accident (Section-8), Public Liability and Workmen’s Compensation (Section-12) and Business Interruption (Section-13). Will be done by the proposer.
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