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A day within the lifetime of a server – jj

A day within the lifetime of a server

A server runs into a difficult if slightly dumb guest.


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  1. I don't like fried food. I don't eat meat. Holy mother of god. I'll take the tempura. I've had many guests like this.

    Customer orders hot sake, we serve our sake bottle in a pot of water. They drink all the hot water and say the sake is great. The fuck???

  2. You'd be amazed at the number of people who have to ask because they really don't know how to read.

    Many restaurants that cater to a more international customer base where the issue isn't literacy but LANGUAGE generally have picture menus.

  3. this server is hardly trying to make small talk. He is simply trying to do his job. Is it so hard to respond to a pleasant greeting? And if you keep running your mouth to each other and ignore me when i approach to take your order, don't expect to see me for a while.

  4. I knowww or when you go back to check on them after you drop off their food and they are all just continuing their conversation and/or stuffing their faces. "How is everything here?" *crickets…..* Okaayyy? All I wanted was a nod at the very least…Don't bother to tell me that your steak was over done when I give you the check!

  5. You good. Shows we both actually have a life that contributwe to Society which is awesome because I too have to a life so good someone other than me actually have responsibilities more important than sittting on You Tube 🙂

  6. @jdavonp this video stems from lower class restaurants where everyone knows whats on the menu. That's why the joke is funny. If it's a one of a kind restaurant then i agree. But at applebees, ihop, dennys, or Sakura's, the dishes never change and everyone pretty much knows them. If they don't all they have to do is use their context clues and READ the MENU because that's why it's printed.

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