Bijnor: UP Minister refused to fulfill the household of slain Anas-Sulaiman, mentioned – Why ought to I am going to the homes of miscreants? Uttar Pradesh minister refused to fulfill useless muslim youths kin





Updated: Thursday, December 26, 2019, 19:59 (IST)

Bijnor Two Muslim youths were killed in a protest in Bijnor against the Citizenship Amendment Act. When Minister of State for Skill Development Kapil Dev Agarwal, who was in the Yogi government cabinet of Uttar Pradesh, came to Bijnor, he went to the house of injured Omraj Saini, but refused to meet his family members, calling the slain Muslim youth a nuisance.

Uttar Pradesh minister refused to meet dead muslim youths relatives

'Why should I go to miscreants' house'

Two Muslim youths from Nahtaur, Anas and Suleman, were killed during violent demonstrations in Bijnor. Both were shot. The police had admitted that one of these Suleman died in the police firing. Police say he was shot in self-defense. Congress General Secretary Priyanka came to Bijnor to meet the families of both the dead. When the reporters asked the question to Kapil Dev Agarwal that Priyanka Gandhi went to meet him but you did not go, then how will everyone progress together. On this question, Kapil Dev Agarwal got angry and started asking why should I go home to the miscreants.

What did Kapil Dev Agarwal say?

'Why would I go to a molestation How are people who are making a fuss, who want to throw the country, the state into the fire? Why should I go to such a person? It is not a matter of Hindu-Muslims, they are troublemakers, so they are not going here. On this, the reporters asked that those who died in the violence are miscreants? On this, the Minister said that the incidents which are happening in the demonstration, whose videos have gone viral, are unruly.

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