Get a Samsung SmartThings Hub for simply £55 (£24 off) on Amazon at this time solely


The Samsung SmartThings Hub is the Swiss Army Knife of smart home devices. It can connect to just about every smart home device in existence over a variety of wireless protocols, combining everything in a single control panel for easy management and automation. Those of you in the UK can get it for just £55 right now, during a limited Boxing Day sale.

This is the third-generation SmartThings Hub, with support for Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi. It can act as a bridge for some devices that can’t connect to Wi-Fi directly (like super-cheap smart bulbs), and can also connect to internet-based services like TP-Link Kasa. The Hub and everything connected to it can be controlled via Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT, or Bixby.

If you’re planning on decking out your home with smart home tech, the SmartThings Hub paired with inexpensive Z-Wave/Zigbee products is still one of the most cost-effective methods available. Samsung also sells a variety of simple devices designed to pair with the SmartThings Hub, like the Multipurpose Sensor.

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