Right here's 'proof' that too many individuals purchased Apple gadgets on Christmas


It’s that time of the year when people exchange gifts with each other as they celebrate Christmas with friends and family. Over the years, gadgets have become quite a favourite gift to give and receive. The desire to own a new phone, headphones, laptops coupled with discounts from e-commerce platforms like Amazon have made gadgets the go-to gift option for many. This year it seems that perhaps too many people have gifted each other Apple devices.

A report by Forbes suggests that today a lot of people were facing issues while setting up new Apple devices. The report says that the moment you get an option to verify your Apple ID, the issue seems to be cropping up. The device seems to hang at the verification step and notifies users that there was a problem with verification server.

There’s nothing wrong with backend servers at Apple as Forbes did check the System Status Page of the company and Apple ID is working fine. The report suggests that it’s down to the fact that perhaps too many people are trying to activate their devices. This being Christmas, it’s quite possible that a lot of new people are setting up Apple devices. And perhaps that’s why Apple is having difficulty in processing so many requests at the same time. The ‘problem’ is expected to last till tonight, it seems. Apple hasn’t made any official comment about this Apple ID issue.

Meanwhile, iPhone XR could be a ‘popular’ gift this holiday season as a report by Counterpoint Research suggests that it is the most popular smartphone of the year. As far as the new iPhones are concerned, it’s the iPhone 11 which has sold the most, as per Counterpoint. The iPhone 11 is the 5th most sold smartphone in the world in Q3 2019.

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