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How Modi authorities is ending file tradition, find out about world's largest digital venture | How authorities is ending the file tradition, know concerning the world's largest digital venture – jj

How Modi authorities is ending file tradition, find out about world's largest digital venture | How authorities is ending the file tradition, know concerning the world's largest digital venture


new Delhi: The central government is now preparing to completely abolish the file culture from the Ministry of Railways. Railways have prepared a mega plan to make paper laces to the Ministry of Railways. This plan will end the confusion of files, all manual files will be converted into e-files. In the first phase, the Ministry of Railways has prepared more than 72 thousand e-files. All officers and employees of the railway are being trained in it. It is also reported that more than 50,000 employees of the Railway Ministry have started working in the e-file system and now gradually the work culture of the Railway Ministry has started changing.

The news is that all employees are to be trained in it. The biggest advantage of its training will be that there will not be a manual file if it is done in a digital way, hence paper will be saved and another big advantage is that the file will not be pending on the table of officers. And where the file is pending, it will be easy to detect.

Having an e-file system will help in quick disposal of files. In the first phase, the Railways has created an e-office in its 58 institutions, through which the Indian Railways will be able to handle the files in an effective manner and the files will not be pending. More than 72000 digital files have been created in less than 6 months from 58 institutes of Indian Railways and the manual file has been converted into e file.

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On this, the work of the Railways is going on loudly. The intention of the Railways is to convert all the manual files into digital files and further work culture is to be paperless i.e. in future, all the work of the Railways will be done digitally in any place of the manual file. There will be no, the railway ministry will get freedom from long paperwork.

There are more than 1300000 employees working in the railway ministry and the railway ministry will be paperless, saving tons of paper every day. Its big advantage will be that it will help in reducing the felling of trees. Railway money will be saved separately. RailTel, the institute of railways, is implementing this project of Railways.

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Railail (RAILTEL) CMD Puneet Chawla told ZEE News that the biggest advantage of creating an e-office and converting all manual files into e-files will be that the efficiency of working in railways will increase, efficiency will come. He said that more than 250,000 e-receipts have been created and before that the phase work has been completed. RailTel will create offices under digital workplaces in 39 institutions of the Ministry of Railways in the second phase and convert all manual files into digital files.

Puneet Chawla told, 'This was a big challenge for us, which we have started, it was a difficult task to convert manual file into e file system in big ministry like Ministry of Railways. But we have started this work, the first phase has been completed and soon all the manual files of the Ministry of Railways will be converted into e-files. Due to this, the Railway Ministry's dream of making paper laces will be fulfilled.

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Railway Ministry has said that RailTel (RAILTEL) is working on this project at full capacity and RailTel will complete this project before the scheduled time line. This will create a new work culture example in Railways. This is not only for India but for the whole world as more than 1300000 employees work in the Ministry of Railways, it is one of the largest government institutions in the world.

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