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Krushna abhishek makes enjoyable on Neha kakkar crying, video viral | – jj

Krushna abhishek makes enjoyable on Neha kakkar crying, video viral |


new Delhi : "http://zeenews.india.com/" playing role of judge in 'Indian Idol' show Neha Kakkar They often become emotional. On this matter, Krishna Abhishek in Kapil Sharma's show made fun of Neha, whose video is going viral. Neha Kakkar and his brother Tony and sister Sonu Kakkar are coming to Kapil's house this weekend.

In the video that went viral, Kapil Sharma from Neha Kakkar asks how it looks like sitting on the stool in the same shop where you used to take ration. Neha starts laughing loudly after hearing this. After this, Krishna Abhishek from Neha says that he is Archana Puran Singh of Indian Idol. In Kapil's show Archana earns money by laughing, while Neha in Indian Idol crying.

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Please tell that Neha Kakkar was in a lot of discussion about her relationship with Himansh Kohli. He dated Himansh Kohli for a few years. Then suddenly both of them broke up. The breakdown of this relationship had a great impact on Neha. After this, Neha often gets emotional.

This time on the show Amrapali Dubey, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Kajal Raghavani and Pawan Singh Will be seen The video of this show has been shared by Dinesh Lal Yadav i.e. Nirhua with his Instagram account. In the promo of this video, Kapil Sharma talks about Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh's tremendous hit song 'Lollipop Laagelu'. Kapil Sharma sings the English version of this song, which makes everyone laugh while listening.

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Along with this, Kapil Sharma also asks Bhojpuri actress Amrapali Dubey funny questions. He asks that you did 25 films with Nirhua. To this, Amrapali answers, No. 32. On this, Kapil replies whether you have come in Bhojpuri industry or Nirhua industry. Hearing this, all the people there, including Nirhua, start laughing.

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