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Little Home 1979 – jj

Little Home 1979

I've been so lonely lately
 I don't even see in front of me
 Nothing that gives me pleasure
 Feel increasingly happy happiness
 Seeing in my youth
 So much dream perish

I wanted to have in life simply
 A place of green bush
 To plant and to reap
 Have a white balcony house
 A yard and a window
 To see the sun rise

Sometimes I go for a walk around town
 Looking for friendships
 I'm following the crowd
 But I retreat looking into each face
 Each has its mystery
 Your suffering, your illusion

Casinha Branca, composed by Joran and Marcelo, who was part of the soundtrack of the soap opera Marrom Glacê, from 1979. The song, which was part of Gilson Silva's first LP, a simple compact named after the singer, was re-recorded by several artists. Brazilian and international.


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