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My Pool Man Was Solely Right here For five Minutes, What Offers??? – jj

My Pool Man Was Solely Right here For five Minutes, What Offers???

Swimming Pool Science is a full service Pool, spa, and fountain repair and maintenance company located in Phoenix, Arizona 85018, 85016 since 2010. Our founders, Josh and Thomas have a combined experienced of over 50 years in the pool industry from new builds to maintenance, to demolition. Locally we provide weekly pool maintenance both residential and commercial, pool repairs including Filter cleans, pump installs, filter installs, heater installs, automation system installs, variable speed pump installs and programming, acid washes, filter cleanings, sand changes, green pool turnarounds, and Pool 101 classes for homeowners. Nationally and internationally we provide phone consults, video chat consults, and pool 101 classes.

Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/SwimmingPoolScience/

Subscribe to us on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/SwimmingPoolAZ

To schedule a pool 101 or phone consult, you can call or text us. Our phone number and email can be found at: www.swimmingpoolscience.com


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  1. I'm definitely a splash and dash guy. But I have 44 pools a day. They're chemical only accounts and I find myself not having enough time to clean pumps/skimmers. Plus backwash, talk to customers. It's too much time for not enough money.

  2. I had three pool guys all big talkers…didn’t do shit.195 per month.I decided to learn the stuff myself.youtube taught me how simple it really is…not rocket science…balance chemicals,brush,net vacuum….simple folks…I didn’t not whack..now I’m like these guys……do it yourself nobody will do it like you…this is an honest transparent video..good job…yes I’m in calif…

  3. Our pool guy (before we did it ourself) never did anything to our pool. Poured about a gallon of chlorine in my 30,000 gal pool and extra conditioner in it, and used one of those electric vacuums that only picked up big things like leaves. Only other thing it did was churn up dead algae and dirt in the pool.


  4. A lot of companies don't even balance the water, to acidic ruin the heater or calcified ruin the impeller. They want the repairs not the service.
    I won't go in near pets, it the techs fault, pet gets loose, chemical splash, get bit, step on it.

  5. Advise to Homeowners : Don’t hire Pool Guys hire Pool Professionals and don’t make your choice based on price only. The cheapest pool service will cut corners to be profitable.

  6. My pool guy started sending a kid and I would talk to him. The kid told me that mine was the easiest pool because it has good circulation, no trees and a Polaris. They were charging me $70 a week and way too much for any repairs. I took it back over. I might get someone next winter but I’m not paying that much again.

  7. the owners doesn't know the clean guy pool like it your guys call them has a a lot pools to do and depends of the pool and the guy know his pool is just a baby sitty the pool that's the only help that person can have other then that is a hard job special with those shitty home"sequipment.

  8. My pool guy was charging me $194 a month and spending about 5 to 10 minutes a week cleaning leaves out the skimmer baskets, some brushing and netting up the big sunken leaves, and then dropping chlorine tabs in one of the skimmers. I didn’t see him checking the water chemistry and saw black algae colonies (spots) in the pool. I had the water tested and found the water chemistry (everything) way out of range/balance. Only thing keeping the pool from turning green and the black algae colonies spreading was excessive levels of chlorine. I had to drain and refill 4 ft of water, then add over 6 gals of acid, 30 lbs of calcium, and more than 1 qt of chem to reduce phosphate level. It took over a month to get the water chemistry straightened out. Now I got to scrub the algae spots out.
    Check your contract. Likely your pool service does not include routinely testing your water or killing algae colonies. At minimum your pool service should test your water monthly and inform you if/when your water chemistry is off or something needs attention so you can do what is needed or you can have them handle it, for an additional fee, when extra remedial services and chemicals are not included in your base contract.

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