Onion costs are continuously growing | Pay attention, hear hear … rising costs of onions ejected tears, have no idea how lengthy


new Delhi: Onion has been the rage of ordinary consumers for the last four months, because buying 100 rupees onion is not enough for everyone. In such a situation, no one knows when the price of onion will decrease. The increase in the arrival of foreign onion, which was expected to reduce the price, but that too is looking bleak now, because Turkey has banned the export of onion. Turkey is the major producer of onions in the world. On the other hand, the arrival of onion may be affected due to the rains again in Maharashtra, the country's largest onion producer, which will support prices.

On Thursday, the retail price of onions in the country's capital Delhi and the surrounding area was Rs 100-140 per kg. However, according to the price list given on the website of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the retail price of onion in Delhi was Rs 107 per kg. According to the ministry's website, the retail price of onions across the country was Rs 48-150 per kg on Thursday.

At the same time, according to the rate list of APMC, the Azadpur Mandi Agricultural Produce Market of Delhi, the wholesale price of onion in Delhi was Rs 20-95 per kg on Thursday, while the arrival was 1020.3 tonnes. Apart from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, there was arrival of foreign onion in Azadpur mandi, in which the most expensive price was Rs 62.50-95 per kg, selling onion coming from Maharashtra.

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Businessman of Azadpur Mandi and President of Onion Merchant Association, Rajendra Sharma said that due to rains again in Maharashtra, farmers will not be able to remove onions from the fields, which may affect the arrival of onions.

Another businessman said that due to the decrease in the arrival of foreign onions due to the ban on the export of onions by Turkey, the price can be seen further in the coming days. In Maharashtra's Lasalgaon mandi, onion price was Rs 2,000-7,551 per quintal.

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