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Unique Caveman Geico Automotive Insurance coverage Commercials (2006-2007) – jj

Unique Caveman Geico Automotive Insurance coverage Commercials (2006-2007)

The classic first round of Caveman Geico Commericials that aired.



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  1. "Hi. I'm Caveman Carlos! Geico online is sooo easy, a GIRL can do it! Oops, sorry miss, forgot you smart girls were still around."
    17 year old Courtney; "Dude, next time, do a LOT more research and get rid of your 'caveman' mentality!"

  2. Does anybody remember that Caveman site where you could pick out what clothes they would wear, and then see their reaction after they put them on ?? This had to be the most hilarious site ever !!! I put him in a ridiculous all white tennis outfit, and he walks out, looks at the camera and says "really……p l e a s e !!!"

  3. I love the passive aggressive anger in the one where they are at dinner.

    "I'll have the roast duck with the Mango salsa" (presumably one of the more expensive dishes)

    "I don't have much of an appetite, thank you"


  4. You couldn't make these commercials today with right-wingers and alt.right crybabies trying to sniff out liberal bias in everything someone says. They would be whining about
    1. There are no cavewomen. Why are men being singled out as primitive?
    2. The therapist is a woman. A clear attack on masculinity.
    3. And they have to show a white man taking the wounded minorities out to dinner to apologize.
    Conservative snowflakes would need trigger warnings before these commercials aired because they need to play victim all the time.

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