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PawPaw invents a fuel jug spout to exchange the federal government ones – jj

PawPaw invents a fuel jug spout to exchange the federal government ones

Let me show you how I made my own gas jug spout to replace those aggravating locking spouts. This old man’s invention saves a lot of frustration.



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  1. Just an fyi…for a vent I have used tire valves with the caps. Drill the proper size hole wherever you want to add the relief valve, install it, remove the inner Schrader valve and while not pouring gas, you can leave the plastic stem cap on, and when pouring gas just take the cap off and booyah, pours beautifully. Keeping the valve cap will help keep foreign substances out of the gas while setting.

  2. I realize the idea is to use what you have on hand but you can order the vent caps on amazon. 25 of them cost me $12 so fifty cents a piece. I don't have any sealtite but I do have several of the jiggle hoses for siphoning gas so I might try and make the spouts out of the clear poly. At seventy I've given up on holding a gas can and trying to put gas in my riding mower since the filler is on the side of the tractor and it takes at least ten minutes to pour a couple of gallons of gas through the no spill cans. I've been sitting my gas can on top of the engine and using a jiggle hose to siphon gas into the tank. Quick and easy that way but not practical for small tanks like the one on my push mower.

  3. The world worse gas cans ,u know the best can are the steel cans they still make tupintne cans they still make denture alcohol cans that's the can I use even the can that they sell at lowes that doesn't contain ethanol, I use those cans

  4. If you find that guy, can I have at him after you slap him silly? You could probably sell tickets and retire on the income. FYI, the idea for these cans came from our flaky friends in Calif. Just another reason to hate the left coast.

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