folks climb pole tree witness haryanvi dancer sapna choudhary moradabad dbz | Sapna Chaudhary did such a dhansu dance on 'Goli Chal Jaavagi'! VIRAL VIDEO


new Delhi: Famous dancer who started his career from Haryana Sapna Choudhary Today, she has made her mark across the country. His mood is so amazing that every person is forced to swing as soon as he comes on stage. But now such a video has come out in which people are seen crossing all limits to see the dream.

This video is so tremendous that it is being watched again and again. Fans of Sapna have liked this video so much that it has been viewed more than 18 lakh times so far. In this video, Sapna is seen dancing on her popular song shot Chale Jaavegi. Watch this video…

Please tell that Sapna Choudhary keeps sharing photos and videos with her fans on social media. Sapna (Sapna Choudhary) is busy these days in stage shows and dance events. Sapna (Sapna Choudhary) also uploads Tick Talk videos a lot these days. Sapna is also very active on this app, she keeps dancing and sometimes making funny videos.

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