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Prenatal Day of Evil – jj

Prenatal Day of Evil

UNCONSEQUENT is my new show and will debut within the schedule of the Porto Verão Alegre project, which is performed by Mezanino Produções e Mais Produções.

➡️ Dates
January 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19

➡️ Time
9:00 PM (all dates)

➡️ Location
AMRIGS Theater

➡️ Address
Ipiranga Avenue, 5311 – Parthenon, Porto Alegre – RS, 90610-001
➡️ Tickets
EARLY (with special discounts):

$ 32 (full)
R $ 24,00 (Banners and Subscriber Club)
Half-ticket tickets remain 50% off.


$ 40 (full)
R $ 32,00 (discount 20% Banricompras and Subscriber's Club)
R $ 20,00 (half price according to the National Half-Price Law)

➡️ Points of Sale
👉🏾 Online: www.portoveraoalegre.com.br

👉🏾 Physical:
➡️ Achievement
Porto Alegre Summer

➡️ Support
Rafa Sushi

➡️ Classification
16 years


👵 Seniors:

Aged 60 years or older, according to Federal Law No. 10,741 / 03 and Decree No. 8,537 / 15, upon presentation of official photo ID.

📚 Students:

Pursuant to the General Half-Entrance Law (Decree No. 8.537 / 15, which regulates Law 12.933 / 13), students will be entitled to the half-entrance benefit upon presentation of the Student Identification Card, according to a single nationally standardized model.

👦 Young people up to 15 years old:

According to State Law No. 14.612 / 14, upon presentation of official photo ID.

👦 Low income youth

According to the General Law of Half-Entry (Decree No. 8.537 / 15, which regulates Law 12.933 / 13), a person aged between 15 and twenty-nine years old who belongs to the family with monthly income of up to two minimum wages, registered in the Register Single for Social Programs of the Federal Government – CadÚnico, will be entitled to the benefit of half-entry upon presentation of ID Youth – document that proves the condition of low-income youth.

♿ Persons with disabilities and accompanying person when necessary:

According to the General Law on Half-Entrance (Decree No. 8.537 / 15, which regulates Law 12.933 / 13), upon presentation of the Continuous Benefit Benefit Card of the Disabled Person or a document issued by the National Institute of Social Security – INSS certifying retirement in accordance with the criteria set forth in Supplementary Law No. 142 of May 8, 2013. At the time of presentation, these documents must be accompanied by an official photo ID.
Regulares Regular blood donors:

According to State Law No. 13.891 / 12, upon presentation of valid official document, issued by blood centers and blood banks.

* Regular donors are women who collect at least twice a year, and men who collect three times a year.

 NOTE: The half-ticket benefit is guaranteed for 40% of the total tickets available for each event, according to Decree 8.537 / 15.


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