Photo voltaic Eclipse 2019 2019: Do that work after photo voltaic eclipse | Photo voltaic Eclipse 2019 2019: Please Do Issues After Surya Grahan


Solar eclipse named 'Ring of Fire' by scientists

Solar eclipse named 'Ring of Fire' by scientists

This eclipse occurred in India at 8.45 am today, this last solar eclipse of the year has been called 'Ring of Fire' by the scientists, let us know that earlier this year, there was a partial solar eclipse on 6 January and 2 July.

Eclipse time is not considered good in Vedic religion

Although solar eclipse is a geographical event, but there are many beliefs about it in Hinduism, in Indian Vedic religion, the time of eclipse is not considered to be good, so no auspicious work is done during this time, those who believe them to end the eclipse Some work must be done later.

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Do this job

Do this job

  • You take bath and wear new clothes and worship your God.
  • Remember your fathers, donate.
  • Offer your first homemade bread to the cow.
If there is basil in the house….

If there is basil in the house….

  • If there is a religious place nearby then go there.
  • If there are ghats nearby, then you should go and worship Shiva.
  • The idols of the gods should be purified by sprinkling Ganga water.
  • If there is Tulsi in the house, first light a lamp there.
  • Sunlight should be done with a wipe in the house, which removes all the negative energy.
  • Clothing worn at the time of eclipse should be donated to a poor person.

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