Photo voltaic Eclipse 2019: Know the place and at what time in India the final Surya Grahan of the 12 months will probably be seen? | Surya Grahan or Photo voltaic Eclipse timings in India on 26th December to be seen in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, TN, and extra


Three-hour 'solar eclipse'

Three-hour 'solar eclipse'

On December 26, there will be a three-hour 'solar eclipse'. It will begin at 8:09 am, the midpoint of the eclipse at 9:37, and the eclipse at 10:58, the annular phase of 'solar eclipse' will end at 12.29 pm, while the partial eclipse at noon is one. It will end at 36 minutes, the sutak will take place 12 hours before December 25 at 8:17 pm.

How will 'solar eclipse' happen on 26 December?

The special thing is that the annular path will decrease from north to south, so the sun cover by the moon is about 90 percent in Bangalore, 85 percent in Chennai, 79 percent in Mumbai, 45 percent in Kolkata, 45 percent in Delhi, 42 in Patna. Percent, 33 percent in Guwahati, 70 percent in Port Blair and 35 percent in Silchar.

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What is 'solar eclipse'?

What is 'solar eclipse'?

When the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, it blocks the light of the Sun coming on Earth and creates its own shadow in the Sun. This astronomical event is called 'Solar Eclipse'.

There are many myths about 'solar eclipse'

There are many myths about 'solar eclipse'

Although eclipse is an astronomical event, but there are some myths related to it ...

  • 'Solar eclipse' is considered inauspicious because the sun casts a shadow, making it an omen for all evil.
  • Many people engage in religious activities such as prayer and chanting to protect themselves from evil forces.
  • Food is also not cooked during 'solar eclipse'.
  • Due to reduced sunlight, it is said that it increases bacteria in food. Therefore the remaining food is also finished before the eclipse.
  • Solar eclipse is also considered harmful for pregnant women, these women are considered more sensitive to evil forces.

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