Surya Grahan 2019: The shadow of the moon on the solar, then the orange ball was seen someplace, see images | Photo voltaic Eclipse 2019: Solar turns into 'ring of fireplace' as world witnesses final Surya Grahan of 12 months, See Photos


'Ring of fire'

Being the planet of Ketu, Jupiter and Moon etc. along with Sun, this astrological yoga was said to be in astrology, in India this eclipse took place from 8.45 am, this last solar eclipse of the year was called 'Ring of Fire' by the scientists. Let's say that earlier this year, there was a partial solar eclipse on 6 January and 2 July.

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Social media is littered with pictures of eclipses…

People of the world have seen the eagerness for this astronomical event, from common to special people have captured this amazing view in their camera. Social media is littered with pictures of eclipses.

A wonderful miracle of nature

Let us tell you that eclipse is a wonderful miracle of nature, if seen from astrological point of view, unprecedented unique, bizarre astrology makes knowledge, activities of planets and satellites and their nature clear. This event always happens on Amavasya.

There are some beliefs about solar eclipse …

Our sages have forbidden food at the time of solar eclipse, because they believed that germs spread with abundance at the time of eclipse. Microorganisms accumulate in food items, water etc. and contaminate it, so the sages have asked to put the kush of the characters.

The sun looked like an orange ball

On social media too, there was a lot of eagerness about the solar eclipse, people are going to the roof of their houses, watching this amazing view and sharing pictures, some people have also shared excellent videos.

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