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The antireggueton video – jj

The antireggueton video

_ Here I present the official version of: The antiregton video, inspired by The anti emo video of maidenrocks98 … I thank this user for having provided that great work in the fight against the emos that we finally won very easily. As I told you this video that I now present to you is largely inspired by that of the aforementioned of maidenrocks98 now focused on this miergayton garbage. Long (yes, even longer) life to Metal.
_Thanks to su-bitch-p07 and the panamacartel who support this channel and even went in to watch the test video. I know that this version, which is the official version, will love it.
_The video is ready at 85 percent. Something slow is going on because I have had social and labor commitments, but I like how it looks. Greetings.
_ Reggaeton is dead, even so you can not lower your guard. Long live Metal and this video is just a sample of why the shit should not be allowed to invade us again. Then I will upload the video already finished editing with a duration of more than 13 minutes. I hope you like it.


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