The Develop in Safety marketing campaign teaches youngsters to stop dangers of their surroundings

What to do in case of an earthquake, how to carry the school bag and what itinerary to follow to go to school are some of the keys that from March will learn the students of Primary 5 of the educational centers of the municipality. The Councilor for Education, Josefa Maroto, the director of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, Tomás Pérez Fuentes and the manager of the engineering and safety company SICO, Juan Carlos Simón Conesa, presented this morning the Grow in Security campaign in order to inform and prevent school children from the risks of their environment.

The staff of the SICO company together with technicians of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety will give the children some informative talks so that the children are aware of the dangers in the school, in their homes and on the way from home to school such as falls, burns, contact with toxic products, fires or respiratory obstructions.

Some 1,800 schoolchildren in Cartagena will benefit from this initiative that has been carried out for seven years in various municipalities of the Region.
On this occasion, the image of the campaign is the López Gil family and their pet the Prevenix cat. We are aware that an essential aspect of the training and learning of children is their families, explained Tomás Pérez.


The main cause of the protagonists of this year of the campaign is a family and not a gang of friends, as used to be usual in previous editions is that, according to the director of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, after the talks the children They discuss it with their parents and they reflect on the risks.


To facilitate learning, comics are used in which the student will have to detect the dangers that surround him in his daily life, as well as, CDs in which he will learn by playing.


The campaign has a web page where you can check the activities they are doing and where they are posted, as in social networks, safety tips.




The result of this campaign is being very positive, in the words of Tomás Pérez. And is that the Region of Murcia is one of the Autonomous Communities with the lowest accident rate. For every thousand inhabitants there were only 34 injured workers in 2011. While in previous years, the accident rate was around 100 workers per thousand.


Do not trust, our goal is to go further to ensure that no worker has an accident at work, recalled the director of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety.




In the classroom is where children spend most of their time at school. It is convenient to take into account:


Close the door using the knob and not the sides.


Exercise caution when using audiovisual devices to avoid electrocution.


Check the backpack and take out unused objects to avoid unnecessary weights.


In the street it is convenient to take into account:


Pay attention where you step.


Do not take crystals from the ground or other objects because there may be a risk of cuts or suffering an infection.


At home, care should be taken with the following:


Do not wet electrical appliances.


If it smells of gas, do not light any matches or lighters and notify emergency services immediately.


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