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new Delhi. The government is continuously taking steps to increase the income of farmers. Keeping the farmers in mind, the Government of India has started the National Agriculture Market ie e-Nam Mandi. 1.68 crore people associated with the business of farming, farming and agricultural products have been registered in this scheme. According to Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, 1,65,73,893 farmers have been associated with this scheme. According to the ministry, 1,26,556 traders and 70,655 commission agents have also been registered with the scheme. If you are a farmer, what is the delay? You will get higher prices of agricultural products through the National Agriculture Market and will help in increasing income.

Let us tell you that till the year 2017 only 17 thousand farmers were connected with e-mandi. E-Naam is an electronic agricultural portal. Which works to connect the Agri Product Marketing Committee across India into a network. Its objective is to provide a market for agricultural products at the national level. Seeing the benefits from this, farmers are increasingly engaging with it. It is being operated in 18 states of the country.

585 mandis of the country have been added to the internetThe agricultural produce market located in different states of the country has been connected through the Internet under the e-name. Its target is that the entire country should become a market area. If a farmer from Gorakhpur wants to sell his produce in Bihar, then it has become easier to carry and market agricultural produce.

Modi Government Enam Scheme near about 2 core farmer registered know everything eNAM in Hindi dlop

E-name website

>> It is clear that between the farmer and the buyer, e-Naam has ended the broker. Not only farmers but customers will also get its benefits. In this trade between farmers and traders, the interest of the local agricultural produce market will not be harmed, because the entire trade will be through it.

The farmer is getting a holiday from this tension- Getting the best prices of the market and the product is the biggest problem of the farmers. The farmer sows in his field with great enthusiasm, prepares the crop, after months when the crop is ready, he starts facing market crisis. He harvests the crop and takes it to the mandi, and when it is valued at one and a quarter, he gets upset.

What is e-Nam: Prime Minister Narendra Modi understood this as the biggest pain of farmers and opened an agricultural market (e-mandi) across the country for online selling of crops. This means the national agricultural market.Modi Government Enam Scheme near about 2 core farmer registered know everything eNAM in Hindi dlop

>> It was launched on 14 April 2016. Under this, farmers can register and sell their produce anywhere at a good price.

>> Now they are not dependent on middlemen and commissioners. The government has so far added 585 mandis of the country under the e-name.

>> The 'Small Farmers Agri Business Association' (SFAC), which works under the Union Ministry of Agriculture, is the largest organization implementing the e-name. The government plans to add 200 mandis this year and 215 more next year.

>> There are around 2,700 agricultural produce mandis and 4,000 sub-markets across the country. Earlier, agricultural produce was traded within mandi committees or in two mandis of the same state. Recently, for the first time, trade was done between different mandis of two states by e-name.

Method of joining with e-Name- First of all, you have to go to the website released by the government,

>> After this registration will have to be typed. A farmer option will appear there.

>> Then you will have to provide your email ID. In this, you will get the login ID and password through email.

>> After this, you will be sent a tampering email ID and password. Then you can register on your dashboard by registering on the website of through your KYC document.

As soon as APMC approves your KYC. In the same way you will be able to start your business.

For more information, you can get information by knowing

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