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Willy DeVille – Regular Drivin' Man – jj

Willy DeVille – Regular Drivin' Man

Willy DeVille live in Berlin 2002


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  1. Very slight change to the October 10 event. Instead of Otto's we will go to:
    Bar on Avenue A
    170 Avenue A
    NYC, 10009
    It's much closer to the park. So gather at the park at 3pm, mingle and then head to the bar. Or just meet us at the bar around 5pm.

  2. Celebrate Willy DeVille's life and music! Saturday, October 10 at 3pm in NYC. Tompkins Square Park, Avenue B side.
    Share stories, emotions and Willy's amazing music. Bring stories/music or simply enjoy being with other fans and friends.
    We have RSVP's from Canada, San Francisco, Kansas City and more! Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the life and music of Willy DeVille!
    If bad weather or you join us late we will be at Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 E. 14th St, NYC, 10009

  3. Sorry to read this about Willy. We all hope he can perform again, but he needs to feel better and get healthy. It is not an uncommon disease, and people really do need to know the truth about it. Anyone can get it. We love Willy, we send him a big huge hug and kiss and we'll wait patiently for his return!

  4. From Willy's website ..Feb 2009
    It's with sadness and regret that we are forced to inform Willy's fans and promoters that his 2009 tour and production plans have to be postponed as he is being treated for Hepatitis C. It's Willy's hope that he will be able to build people's awareness of the disease and rid them of some of the misconceptions surrounding it. Willy will be back stronger than ever in 2010 and looks forward to seeing all of you very soon.

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