1950s Training “Boys Beware”

This short film entitled “Boys Beware” and I just uploaded it to see what everyone’s opinions would be. *I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO*


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  1. I've always wondered why they seemed to think 'homosexual' was synonymous with 'pedophile', but the more I've been reading about the time period, it really does seem like a large majority of the 'gay' men did go after much younger guys/teenage boys…. what's the deal with that

  2. 4:30 "but payments were expected in return." So, Jimmy was putting out and getting ass fucked by the old queen. Then, feeling guilty, he decided to tell his parents about his sexual escapades.
    Jimmy: "Gee, dad, I hate to tell you this but…well, you know how you have a big penis? Well, this older guy I know by the name of Ralph has a big penis too! And did you know it can slip right up my butt all the way?"
    Mom: What?!?!? Jimmy! You little slut! Well, I never!
    Jimmy: Well, you have now!
    Dad: OMG! Why would you let a man do that to you?
    Jimmy: Welllllll…..I was getting presents and fishing trips and free food and got to play mini golf and lots more!'
    Dad: SO, you're a little whore! I oughta slap ya!
    Mom: Your father is right! You're a little man whore! A he-bitch!
    Dad: And a selfish one at that! You could of at least had him coming over to cut the damn grass and wash the car so I wouldn't have to!
    Mom: Besides that, the damn kitchen needs re-painting! You selfish little shit! All you could do is think about yourself! It was all about you and what you wanted and what you got! Never a thought about how hard your dad and I work every day! Oh no! It's just all about you and whatever fun you could have!
    Jimmy: Gee, mom, dad, I'm sorry! I won't do it again.
    Dad: Like hell! You've got a lot to make up for, buster! Now you get right back over to Ralph's and tell him to get over here and do all these chores or we're going to the police!
    Jimmy (whining): But daaaaad! Ralph will just want to fuck me again today and my ass is so sore now I can hardly sit down!
    Dad: Well, you should have thought of that before you began whoring around! My son, the little man whore he bitch! Get going! Get a move on! Go on! Git!
    Later that day Jimmy comes home:
    Dad: Well! Where's Ralph? Why isn't he with you?
    Jimmy (crying): Ralph dumped me for Johnny! He says my butthole is too worn out and loose now.
    Dad (sputtering in rage): That does it! No man is going to turn my son's asshole from a size 2 to a size 10 and get away with paying for it with mini-golf and hamburgers and being such a cheap prick! I won't stand for it! You should of at least got a brand new bicycle and maybe some roller skates! At least then you'd have something to show for it!
    Mom: And I could have gotten my kitchen painted! The nerve of that man! Now get your little ass in the car! We're going to the cops! We'll show him a thing or two!
    Jimmy (confused): He's already seen my thing.

  3. How to spot a pedophile: When the background music starts to go from friendly to eerie, you know you're dealing with a pedophile. Advice is to run and continue running until the music becomes friendly again.

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