four Nation Match: After ECB, CA Additionally proven curiosity in Thought of ​​sourav Ganguly | four Nation Match: CA additionally favored Dada's thought after ECB, these are the groups


Melbourne: Cricket Australia Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts believes that BCCI President Sourav Ganguly (Sourav Ganguly) The idea of ​​tournament between the four countries is quite innovative. While this suggestion of Ganguly is getting praise from all sides, former Pakistan wicketkeeper Rashid Latif has called it nonsense.

What was ganguly's idea
Ganguly has kept the idea of ​​organizing one-day tournament between India, Australia, England and another team, which is getting appreciation from all sides. The England and Wales Cricket Board has already agreed to this tournament. CA has said that he will visit India and Bangladesh next month and at the same time there will be a detailed discussion about this tournament.

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What did roberts say
Roberts said, "This is an example of innovative thinking. Sourav Ganguly's thinking as BCCI president is positive. Ganguly has done many new things in such a short time. India played their first day-night test and now they are super Have brought the idea of ​​the series, which is quite innovative. "

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Rashid Latif has told nonsense
At the same time, Rashid Latif had said on Ganguly's idea that this idea will flop in the same way as the 'Big Three Model'. Latif said in a YouTube video, "Four teams want to isolate the rest of the teams by playing this tournament which is not good. But I think it will be a flop like the Big Three model, which was brought a few years ago. Was. "

It is noteworthy that the program is not yet recognized by the ICC, as more than three teams will participate in it and it is not part of the multi-lateral roster. The plan is to organize it by 2021.
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