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AC360 – President Obama's Flip-Flop On Identical-Intercourse Marriage – jj

AC360 – President Obama's Flip-Flop On Identical-Intercourse Marriage

A 1996 questionnaire shows he supported same-sex marriage. Anderson Cooper talks with Paul Begala & Cleve Jones.



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  1. God`s Word says Homosexuality is a Sin,..perverse,Un-natural…..So every TRUE Christian treats ALL SIN the same…as something that turn our backs on in order to be in right standing w GOD.Anyone who says "shell fish,fabrics or Jesus never said anything about it" Obviously doesnt know the Bible.Christians continue to speak the TRUTH in LOVE.If the whole planet says its okay and GOD says its perverse,then its PERVERSE.The clay can NEVER tell the POTTER what to do.Pray for America

  2. I don't care what he thinks about gay marriage. That never should have been an issue. Keep government out of the bedroom. Who cares what two consenting adults do in their home?
    I want to know why we need drones and homeland security which seem to be made to keep us from protesting the state of our country. Where is national health? where are the jobs? Why are people getting their homes foreclosed? Why did the banks get money then were not made to be accountable for what it was spent on?

  3. I am a conservative and i support gay marriage, not because i believe in the false sense of "equality" that we have shoved down our throats constantly, not because Im "culturally diverse" and certainly not to make myself feel like a better person. I support it because the real issue is couples having financial security. Which is absolutley fine.Its about marital priveleges, not rights. Sometimes, the pro-gay people with self serving egos make me want to change my stance.

  4. On one side you have a bunch of grown men jumping around in leotards, make up and glitter screaming that someone hates them for no reason and on the other side you have a bunch of people who are offended by homosexuality. Hmm, lets analyze this. Gay pride parades are extremely sexually oriented and explicit. Do you ever think that if they toned it down the other side would calm down. Maybe its not that the other side offended by homosexuality, maybe theyre offended at the display of vulgar.

  5. Thank you! I totally agree with you. I feel so much more comfortable with a politician making a change for the better, rather than simply changing his position to appease the crowd he is speaking in front of. Like Mitt Romney does.

  6. @Luisanna89b

    WTF are you talking about? You sound stupid as hell! Your ass better pray that Obama gets another 4 years, because if the king of all flip flopping (aka Mitt Romeny) becomes President, America is going to meet it's damn demise and deserve so if they elected his "People are corporations my friend" phoney ass over Obama. You better start doing some serious research on Mitt and this Mormon cult bullshit. This man must not become President.

  7. Poor Obama ..He's not going to be president anymore, specially that here in NY same sex marriage was approved. So he wants to give a change " we have a dream" HE HAVE A DREAM, FOR HIS BLACK PPL!! (Not all of them) You wanted a change for you, not a change for the world, for USA , but for your people. So now he's saying that everyone have the right to marry ? please …. be professional, be a man!

  8. One of the most important things in being a leader is stability. Going back and forth in order to gain votes is not showing stability. It's just showing that he just says what people want to hear, which will more than likely lose him votes, seeing as people want a president that does more than just 'talk the talk.'

  9. @stevesanterre I was stunned by this but I'm happy Anderson is giving the President a hard time on his flip flopping his position on gay marriage given the fact he has passed actions favoring gay rights in the past. President Obama say you favor gay marriage!! Make these Republicans heads explode!!

  10. He's against putting marriage in the constitution – I don't' see a problem with that. Straight marriage is not in there either. He believes in civil unions – which is what he's always said. I can't stand Obama and I'm for Gay Rights – but this video doesn't prove he lied or flip flopped.

  11. @lasvegasjh , it's a very simple concept. Sometimes you need to take a step back, so you can get enough space to take a running jump across the chasm to the future. Obama is getting LGBT nowhere. A Republican president would be energizing the Democrats to vote him or her out of office, and Democrat candidates would favor same-sex marriage to distinguish themselves from Republicans, not to mention siding with the majority of US citizens.

  12. @TimothyGeorgeHare Why are they inferior? Marriage has always been a christian thing, christianity itself always opposed same sex relationships. It's like going into someone's home and forcing them to make a new dish because you didn't like the other one.

  13. Why is Obama changing his mind a bad thing? It shows that he at least is capable of growth (unlike some presidents). I think gays should be allowed the same rights as a straight couple (maybe more; at least they're not pumping out babies & will adopt); however I don't think the ceremony should be from any religion that condemns homosexuality – why do people continue to ascribe to groups/traditions filled w/ hate & judgement? The religion doesn't need to be re-written; just scrap it entirely.

  14. @Rodrigue985 How. Tell me exactly how he is an Anti-Gay bigot? The truth is, you can't. But who cares. Vote for the Republicans. I am sure you will get very far with the people who campaigned against Gay Rights in one election and then when they were out of office came out in support of it.

  15. Anderson Cooper is in the closet, everyone knows it but no one has asked him to "Keep it Honest". My guess is that closeted gay people like him do more damage than some 1996 survery Obama might have completed.

  16. @alexandadjectives I think it may have to do with the fact that so many in the African American community are deeply engrained by their religious leaders that gay people are an abomination, disgusting, and immoral. And for those who read this, it is just my experience as I've grown up in the black church and I know first hand the homophobia that is encouraged in the core of the community. So, his advisors may be telling him to beat around the bush which is not gonna help him in my opinion.

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