AUS vs NZ: Mark Waugh says, Santner the rationale why NZ can't win Boxing Day Take a look at | AUS vs NZ: Mark Waugh mentioned on the second day of Melbourne Take a look at, New Zealand will lose the match as a result of this


Melbourne Test: Australia won after the first Test Australia vs New Zealand On the second day of the second Test match, he strengthened his position. After being dismissed by 467 runs in the first innings, the hosts dropped New Zealand's two wickets for 44 runs and brought it to the backfoot. At the same time, former Australian captain Mark Waugh attributed the poor performance of the visiting team spinner to the bad condition of the team.

Kiwi bowlers did not do much on the first day
On the first day, Australia had scored 257 runs losing four wickets. In which only Neil Wegner, Tret Bolt and Colin de Grandhom of New Zealand were successful. By the end of the first day's play, Steve Smith had scored 77 and Travis Head had scored 25 runs.

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Bowling of the guests did not last much on the second day
After this, on the second day too, the Kiwi bowlers failed to put pressure on Australia and by the end of their first innings, the hosts scored 467 runs. In this, Head's innings of 114 runs and Smith's 85 runs. During this time, New Zealand spinner Mitchell Santner threw in 20 overs but he could not take any wicket for 82 runs.

What did Waugh say about Santner
Waugh said, "He (Santner) is an ODI bowler and not a test bowler. If you are a traditional bowler, then you have to have a lot of accuracy. But they don't have it. They are not able to spin the ball a lot. You need more precision that they don't have. They throw small balls. And there are many easy-scoring balls. "

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The result of the match will be in favor of Australia
According to Waugh, it is such a big thing that it will affect the outcome of the match. On this basis, Waugh even confirmed the victory of Australia. He said, "I think this is a really big issue. So they will not win a Test match."

How should spinner come to australia
According to Waugh, the team coming to Australia should have spinners who can take wickets. He said, "In Australia, you need a good spinner or at least a spinner who can take wickets. Waugh said, as of now they are neither doing nor pressuring, I don't know what they will do in Sydney." Maybe they feed the leg spinners because I don't think the centerrunner will play. "
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