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Banks, insurance coverage firms to face ‘stress take a look at’ on local weather change – jj

Banks, insurance coverage firms to face ‘stress take a look at’ on local weather change

Australia’s biggest banks and insurance companies will face a ‘stress test’ on climate change.



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  1. You should be more concerned about your money in the various superfunds that hold trillions of your dollars, which are being steered towards compliance with general wokeness. If their investments in woke assets turns out to be bad due to no evidence and/or a result of forced diversity on the back of virtue signalling only, then you can see how this is the biggest issue facing Australia right now. No question about it. Everyone's retirement funds will disappear. You were warned by Gerry Harvey and others.

  2. More regulation, more scrutiny. If only APRA and Austrac did the jobs they were created to do. Climate deflection. Have they spent billions and been corporate welfare subsidised for stress testing the 2020 super computer bug? Rumour has it that it's real and 9 out of 10 scientists agree it is possible due to manmade bytes. Women most affected.

  3. Another step in the wrong directions
    Australia is on the path to permanent economic disaster
    The reserve bank Governor does not have a clue what he is doing
    They have got it wrong every step of the way since 2008
    They are a security risk to the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian constituents citizens

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