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Bhoot Vidya: Tips on how to sort out 'Bhoot hurdle' in BHU – Social – jj

Bhoot Vidya: Tips on how to sort out 'Bhoot hurdle' in BHU – Social


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Banaras Hindu University is once again in discussion. Talking about the recent times, this is the second time after the Firoz Khan case when a department of Banaras Hindu University is on social media.

A new certificate course is about to start in Banaras Hindu University, in which doctors will be taught how to treat those who claim that they are 'possessed by ghosts' or who say they are' Can see 'ghost'.

This six-month course will start in the new year from the month of January.

Officials say that this course will specifically teach about psychosomatic disorder, which is often associated with abnormal events.

This course will be started by the Ayurveda Department. A BHU official has told the news agency IANS that a separate unit of ghost education was established in the university.

Yamini Bhushan Tripathi, Dean of the Faculty of Ayurveda, says that ghost education will mainly be taught about psychosomatic disorders. Which is related to diseases caused by unknown causes and diseases of mind or mental conditions.

She says that this university was the first university in the country to have started a course like this for the first time, in which doctors were taught about the treatment of ghost related things through Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatment usually involves treatment through herbal medicine, diet changes, massage, breathing and exhalation and exercise.

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In 2018, the Vatican spoke of organizing a course of exorcism for its priests.

According to a study released in 2016 by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience, about 14 percent of Indians are mentally ill.

And according to an estimate of the World Health Organization in the year 2017, about 20 percent of Indians face depression in their life at some time. But there are less than four thousand mental health professionals in the country and it is also true that there is a lack of adequate awareness about mental illnesses in the country.

Due to lack of awareness and social pressure, there are very few people who go to the doctor or professional doctor for treatment of mental illnesses, a large number are those who go to the tantrik etc. In this, most people belong to rural areas and very poor families.

Now when the government university BHU is going to start a course in ghost education, there are many talks about it on social media. Many people say that it is better to start such courses than to cure these diseases under one process.

Dr. Bhushan Shukla writes that very serious mental illnesses can be treated in modern medicines and Re-Heb Center.

Vipul writes that the problem is only in the name…

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There are many such comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Some people say that it is disputed only because of the name, while some people believe that there can be better options.

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