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CNN 360 Anderson Cooper – Auto Insurance coverage Half 2 – jj

CNN 360 Anderson Cooper – Auto Insurance coverage Half 2

Anderson Cooper story about questionable auto insurance practices.



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  1. It's the people who actually commit Insurance FRAUD that ruins it for the rest of us.
    I read an article about a guy in Utah who staged 10 accidents in 2 year period.
    Claimed injuries in all 10. Finally he was caught on #10, arrested, has to pay back the insurance companies on all 10 after he is released from jail in 5 years.

    Question Two:  What about the lawyers?
    Look in the "phone book", how many pages of attorneys are there?

  2. I got hit by 2 incompetent drivers, both at fault, car totalled, 7 weeks of physical therapy, STILL in excruciating pain, Lawyers hired IMMEDIATELY, if I don't get paid, SOMEBODY WILL SUFFER AS MUCH PAIN AS I AM SUFFERING, Lawyers, Insurance Companies adjusters, both assholes who hit me…  FUCK WITH ME IF YOU DARE!

  3. I am a licensed agent with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Just a year ago I was at the capital of California lobbying against big insurance and the changes that they paid for which would hurt injured workers rights. Based on my experience when I had to make a career change I chose Liberty because of how easy it was to deal with their claims adjusters. Allstate, State Farm, and so on put great commercials but obviously not great service. 

  4. I agree that change is needed and the tactics that a lot of insurance companies use is the same in all types such as workers compensation. If they placed harsher penalties on those that commit insurance fraud and quit punishing the honest we may bring an end to this travesty of delay and deny. 

  5. Allstate reakky SUCKS!!!….My legally parked van was t-boned by an 82 yr old lady. 3 of the 4 vehicles involved were, U guessed it, Allstate insured…The adjustors could NOT decide wether to "FIX" the van or total it…Finally they decided to total it, & they made such a low-ball offer that I cannot even afford to get the same vehicle if I was trying to buy it again…This dragged for over 2 weeks so far, which means I have no vehicle for even longer than that, until I find a suitable vehicle.

  6. Wrong! More than likely your friend was not renewed because he didn't qualify for the company b/c of the accident. More than likely it was not his first in the 6 year period, or it was a combo of the accident + convictions. Driving w/o insurance and/or fleeing the scene is against the law and b/c you want to avoid high premiums is no excuse to do it. Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you cannot afford insurance, you don't drive – it is really that simple.

  7. what pisses me off about this is the right wing in our country always claims that the founding fathers wanted this or that or ment this or that when the set up our country, but they never talk about how these types of injustices should be rectified and when some one tries to do somethiing about it they always side with business. if this is truly what our founding fathers wanted for this country i want to go to canada.

  8. @1970michplar You must be a doctor, or a accident reconstructionist, or a Bio-Mechanic of some sort to know for certain that the low impact accident did not cause this poor woman her injuries. Do some research and learn something. People do get seriously hurt sometimes in low impact accidents… Three years later after you have finished your treatment you are back to place where you can tolerate the pain but its still there. But that's okay in your eyes. NOT EVERYONE is a scammer idiot!

  9. @ezcreditrepair4u ….. okay I will give you that. The average driver saves $396.00 a year, however, premiums still go up and when you are in an accident whatever you have saved is what they will offer you. I have seen plenty of low impact cases where individuals are truly hurt. Allstate and State Farm are by far the worst!

  10. I work in law and have a case where a Truck was deemed a total loss by State Farm Ins (SF), our client has 2 herniated discs w/tears and impingement on the nerve roots causing numbness, no prior accidents and never hurt his neck or back before. SF knows this because they checked and could not find priors. Offer $5,000.00 on a $50K policy. Since ins cannot be mentioned at trial jurors think your suing the person sitting at the def table when in actually its the ins co. that is being sued!

  11. @MaddDogg81 Some of these jurors can't stand to see people leave court with thousands of dollars because they themselves don't have a decent savings account, as if it's the claimant's fault. They need to start checking the financial status of jurors.

  12. My friend has no insurance because they wouldn't renew as a way of punishment for him filing a claim and the accident wasn't his fault. They want him to be desperate and be willing to pay high prices for insurance at another company. They all work together to mess over us. This is why many people drive uninsured and flee accidents. These companies add to the ills of our society.

  13. I agree with 99% of this report. The only thing that was not discussed was the amount of coverage the other driver had. Here's the kicker, I'm an insurance agent that has lots of friends in the insurance business. I can tell you with 100% certainty that there are insurance companies out there that have turned their claims departments into profit centers. I cannot mention names because I could lose my licenses. It is fundamentally wrong to automatically deny claims.

  14. It would seem that people need some other type of disability coverage to protect themselves from these auto insurance giants. The one woman with back injury history also seems to me as doubtful.

    Being judged by peers should mean people who are aware of these insurance giants and their rejection histories as well.

    Some people also look more inocent than others.

    I have PIP in Mi which is personal injury protection. I just found out it's only basic or limited to $10,000.

  15. I was pissed off and argue with em they said," well if your car was stolen in 3 more yrs it would of cover it all up but it was stolen with 1 yr so thats why I only got 12 grand & 17 dollars to my sterio". I argue and said," How the thiefs gonna know I only had 1 yr, there not gonna care there just gonna steal it when the oppertunity comes". I told em," why did you guys never told me first time, plus you people told me it would cover it all up," Oh… well somtimes our workers forget, sorry".

  16. I had Progressive Insurence 5 yrs back. Brand new Pontiac and installed Sound System worth 4 grand. They said if it gets stolen it would cover the entire cost of my car and sound system. 1 yr later car gets stolen, they accused me of fraud yet no proof that i did it… they investaged, took 8 months when i got the check I & only recieve 12 grand (my car/sound in total worth 45grand!), they said my insurence only covers how much my car is now worth from the day it was stolen…

  17. Wow good for that girl for fighting, I am going through the same thing with an insurance company. I am basically in the same boat as her only they haven't offered me 1cent and it's been 3 1/2 years. I have herniated discs in both neck and back along with nerve damage (numbness and pain) it's horrible what these insurance companies do. The government needs to step up to the plate here. Thanks for the videos!

  18. Its clearly apparents what their motive it. Its NOT, your dying brother in the hospital and needing the coverage of insurance btu they delay and make it difficult, or your deceases mother whos life insurance is being kept by the company, etc.

    It goes alot further than small traffic accidents.

    They should be exposed and laws passed to prevent their damages.

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